AviUtl Filters and Settings

Basic description

In AviUtl there is a "Filter" tab and a "Setting" tab.

The "Filter" tab is useful to quickely enable or disable filters.
The "Setting" tab is used for both setting and enabling the filters.

Where do I find the plugins for these filters?
Many filters are already in the 0.99 version. If you don't find them you will have to download the plugins. See PlugIns for AviUtl Guide.

Noise filters
The "Temporal Noise Filter" is very usefull not only to improve the picture quality but also the compressibility of the video file. Use it moderately because if it's too strong the quality will be worse. You have to tune up the settings progressively until you don't notice any noise anymore when pressing the right arrow key, then move the slider left 15%. Better letting some noise than denoising too much.
Setting all the slider in the middle is safe if you don't know what to do. The simple "Noise Filter" is of little use because it will just blur the image a bit.

DivX offers a " Pre Processing " for noisy videos and other codecs may also offer denoising functions. This not necessary and redundant if you use the AviUtl Temporal Noise Filter.
This filter slow down the process a lot but not more than the DivX pre processing.

Apply the same rules for Xvid.

Logo filter (Telop)
To mask a logo, create, with an image editor, a blank image file saved in bmp (bitmap). The image should be of a size large enough to cover the logo.
To do so, save one frame ine bmp with AviUtl, then edit this file with your image editor. Select the logo and crop. Fill or delete the whole image with black.
To mask several logos at a time, create a different mask for each logo but instead of making them black, chose a pure predefined color, for example : bright green. In the image editor, paste these masks on a extracted frame from the video.
Select all the image except the masks and fill the selection with pure black.
Select the masks and change theyr color to not pure black : select pure black and change manualy the RGB setting : r :12, g :12 and b :12.
You can also duplicate, in the AviUtl folder, the pluginfile to use several masks ata time, but that wonít work for batch processing.
It will work if you save your video immediately but the batch processing can remember only one such a filter at a time.
To add a logo ; just create a bmp file of your logo with any image editor. Choose pure black where you want to transparent areas and not pure black where you want black.
When you open the logo filter, you can chose any bmp file from your computer.
Move the logo mask by using the X and Y sliders.
If you use pure black as color set the r, g and b sliders to 0.
If you use pure black as transparent set any of the r,g or b slider to 2.
You can of course play with a with the rgb of a complex image but that doesnít give nice result for common use.
Recommandations :
Make the logo mask black : Thatís the less anoying color, especialy for dark scenes. Of course you can make mask from the color of your choice.
If you compress with DivX or Xvid, make a logo mask a size multiple of 16 in width and heigh and place this logo mask at a number of pixels from the border also a multiple of 16. DivX is using blocks of 16x16 pixels to compress the video so itís important not to have sharp edge across these blocks.
For example if you create a mask 64x32 pxls and place is 32 pxls from the border, itís perfect because there will be 8 blocks of 16x16 pxls full of black. But if you place it 31 pxls from the border or make the size of the mask 63x32, itís bad because some blocks will be cut by the egde of the mask.

If you crop a movie the sum of "left" and "right" cropping and the sum of "top" and "bottom" are multiple of 16 (best) or 8 or at least 4 for DivX compatibility.
You can also crop and resize, that will distord the image unless you check "preserve aspect ratio".

The Mask filter hide a part of the image by full black. That's useful to mask garbage from top or bottom of tv captures for example without resizing the frames.
It's also very useful to mask part of the image which are already black for DivX optimization.
For DivX optimization the number of pixels masked from one side should be multiple of 16 (best) or 8 althought that's not an obligation.

In the 0.99 version, the mask filter will enlarge the frame if setting in negative number. Avoid that if you are using several profiles or if you intend to join your movie with another one later.
You can play with "symetric mask" (actualy not translated) and "extent the border" for more effects.

Color correction
It change the luminace, brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation and hue. For Red Green Blue correction use the "Extended Color Correction".
These filters will slow down the process a lot. That's normal.

Make sure you monitor setting is on brightest or almost brightest to avoid bad surprises when you play it elsewhere!
Also be moderate in the use of these filters!

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